Why should I upgrade to OS X Mavericks?

Mavericks OS X Update and Upgrade

If you haven’t heard about Mavericks, let us be the first to inform you. Apple is releasing a brand new operating system for Mac called OS X Mavericks. It looks fantastic. So fantastic that we figured we’d give you guys an idea of the features and a look at some of the benefits. Without further ado, here are the upgrades that caught our attention.


iBooks Mavericks OS X

iBooks is joining Mac. In short, this upgrade brings some amazing changes for students. If you’re a student, or know one, you’re in luck because not only is Mac adding close to 2 million books to the iBooks Store, but when you quote an excerpt while writing a paper, iBooks will add a citation for you.

Yeah, you read that right. iBooks cites information for you.

Let that sink in a minute. Papers made easy. Ok, let’s continue.

All of your highlights, notes, and bookmarked passages sync to all of your devices. You can do some AM reading in the dorm on your Mac, pack up, run to class with your iPad, and pick up right where you left off. I’ll stop there for iBooks. If you want to see the rest, you can check out this demo video (2m42sec).


New Maps on Mavericks OS X

Google Maps is truly amazing. But, Apple’s Maps is starting to catch up. With the upgrade in OS X Mavericks, we think the scale might just tip in Maps’ favor.

The major Maps update that jump out is the syncing of your Mail, Contacts, and Calendar data. What does this mean? Well, whenever (and wherever) you see an address, you can pull it up on Maps instantly. No more copy and paste from emails or texts into Maps. Also, when you click on a point of interest, Maps makes it easy to view phone numbers, photos, and Yelp reviews.  In addition, Apple has mentioned a real-time traffic monitor, but let’s wait and see if that lives up to the hype.


Notifications Mavericks OS X

Notifications is a pleasant upgrade on OS X Mavericks. With Notifications you can see all the little things going on in the background while using your Mac. You’ll be alerted to new messages from iMessage, Mail, FaceTime, websites with sport scores, auction updates, news updates, and more. We’re sure Apple has kept some cats in the bag, but we can’t know for sure until Mavericks is released. We think it’ll be convenient to open your Mac and see what’s happened before you even log in.


Calendar Mavericks OS X Upgrade

Calendar has received some cosmetic changes. Apple has added a continuous scrolling feature that allows moving from one month to the next a breeze. They’ve updated the event inspector to allow for simpler creation and editing of events. Your travel time is now calculated for you so you can plan accordingly. We wonder if Calendar will seamlessly schedule a quick coffee before a meetup and still manage perfect timing.

Finder Tabs

Finder Tabs on Mavericks OS X

Very simple, very cool browser-like upgrade to your Finder. With the new Tabs feature, you can keep your Desktop clear of multiple Finder windows and can move files effortlessly between tabs. Fullscreen the Finder window, customize your view, and get organized. It’s simple. Go figure, it’s Mac.


Safari Update - Mavericks OS X

Discovering, and getting to, your favorite sites has never been easier with the newly upgraded Safari. Apple has increased the performance and features of Safari to make it a whole new experience for Mac users. They’ve improved the Top Sites page to allow for easier organization. A sidebar has also been added with a Shared Links section that will display links your friends have posted on Twitter and LinkedIn. Under the hood, Apple has improved (read: decreased) the amount of energy Safari takes from your battery. When tabs are in the background, they hibernate, allowing you more time away from the plug. It sounds like Safari is making its way to the top when it comes to browsers.

iCloud Keychain

iCloud Keychain Mavericks OS X

Hate remembering passwords? Don’t fret, iCloud Keychain has you covered. It remembers all your passwords for you. It also suggests passwords. Safe passwords. Not to mention that it not only works with passwords, but quickly recalls credit card information. Save time, and your mind, with iCloud Keychain. Passwords are now (forgive me) a thing of the past.


Mavericks OS X File Tags

With the new Tags feature, organising and finding files has never been easier. Tag a file with a keyword (or words) to keep related files and folders related. Search for files by Tags. Saves time and headaches. A nice little upgrade that’s short and sweet.

With all of these updates, we’re positive that working on your Mac will be more fun than ever. If you want to know about the under-the-hood changes for OS X Mavericks, check out Apple’s release. And if you’re a developer, check out all the dev updates for Mavericks.

Why should you upgrade to Mavericks? We think the question is more like, “How can you not?” We’re looking forward to seeing your comments in our Notifications bar!

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Sep 5th, 2013
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