Hider 2: Make your private data private.


2014 is the year of data encryption. Protecting your data should be at the top of your list, and to help you we’ve created Hider 2. Hider 2 is an app for Mac OS X that gives you the ability to hide and encrypt your private data.

Encryption has been peacocking itself about as this big, fancy concept for some time now. And because of this, it’s not farfetched to see that encrypting data has been similar to performing digital gymnastics. However, with the rising need to hide and protect one’s confidential data, Hider 2 has arrived to level the playing field for all Mac users by making data encryption simple. With Hider 2, both power and non-power users can now securely hide confidential data on their Macs; anyone can hide, encrypt, and password protect their data on their Mac without any special knowledge or complex procedures.

Mac data security. Made easy.

The simplicity and elegance of Hider 2 doesn’t take away from its safety; security is Hider 2’s number one priority. It was developed to be the Fort Knox of digital storage, where you can confidently store credit card information, electronic bank statements, password lists, private contact information, and anything else you deem confidential. The first thing Hider 2 does is immediately prompt you to set your password for the app, preventing Mac lurkers from accessing Hider 2 or seeing your files contained therein. Once logged into Hider 2, hiding is as simple as dragging a file or folder to the app itself. You can then toggle between hidden and visible on the app’s main dashboard with just a click of a switch. Each and every file, when hidden, is also AES-256 encrypted.  With Hider 2, your private data is not just hidden — it becomes private.


No more hide & seek.

In Hider 2, we’ve also acknowledged the faults of hiding data in general, specifically, the ability to keep track of what was hidden and where it’s located. Hider 2 makes the fear of losing anything, especially stuff that has values in “bytes,” a thing of the past. It has an array of organizational features that make keeping track of hidden data a piece of cake. With its Mavericks Tags compatibility, Hider 2 integrates organization from outside the app, inside it as well. And the ability to can create custom groupings helps you keep things situated to your tastes within the app itself. In short, the possibility of losing a hidden file or folder to the hard drive abyss is non-existent with Hider 2.

It’s not just the year of encryption — it’s the year encryption changes its image in the eyes of the everyman. A major step in the direction of bringing secure, encrypted data to Mac users is Hider 2. It’s safe, secure, and incredibly easy to use and will be released next week.

And did we mention it’ll have a sizeable discount on its price tag for the release?

Mar 26th, 2014
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